my mobile homestead.

part one.

My mobile homestead,
the home i have no bed.
the home he shakes with a step.
does your candy still protrude from your belt?
the elastic taut, it’s nigh.
near your homely, and timely end.
can’t you quit sooner?
the time on the clock will ring clearer next hour.
this drink i’ll raise lower to supplement and slightly suppress my radiant glow.
burying you has always been a pleasure.
and this time i’ll dig the dirt.
keeping the residue under my nails,
a present.
only the present is the reality.
the reality of your spit slipping onto the slop of my plate.
you are next to me,
but i was so far.
the cat scratches my leg.
and this is the real.
i have already killed you
how did this happen?
how could i forget?
my brain stealing the only dream i ever dreamt.
the cat scratches my leg
and i have already forgotten your name.

part two.

you’ll nibble the raw skin on my ankle so i can’t walk.
relieved in the glory of your own power.
are you the successor?
the he god that is in command.
you command your big toe to step,
step on,
to penetrate your own blood.
a cell of you produced me.
i multiplied into a structure too heavy for you to lead.
to guide into the east direction,
the easy one you so willingly plea for.
you demand me to follow.
you follow,
no leader,
no commander,
no god.
not as you rip my skin and expose the blood cells you created.
check your masked-face at the door.
you were never my god,
i used to be your little girl.


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